Delta Packaging International, Inc.
is a family owned and operated business. We have thirty years of experience in design, testing and manufacturing of wood and metal containers. This knowledge enables us to understand the elements of distribution through which your product must go.



Your product is just as important to us as it is to you, so we want to make sure it arrives to your clients just as you intend.



Fluid-Bag Ltd based in Finland, manufactures 1000 liter flexible IBC container systems used for a wide range of liquid and high-viscous products, such as sealants, silicones, greases, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, paints and glues. Fluid-Bag systems are well-known in Europe with increasing sales in South East Asia and the US.

Fluid Bag"Until now Fluid-Bag has only had pallets locally available in the U.S and we look forward toworking with Delta Packaging International who will distribute Fluid-Bag containers and equipment through their facilities in Lansing MI. This will help strengthen our position in North America where we are mobilizing for increased product awareness and market growth and striving to make Fluid-Bag systems well-known also on both sides of the Atlantic. We are confident that, together with Delta Packaging International, we have a bright and exciting future ahead in the North American markets", says Roger Nybäck, Fluid-Bag’s President.

Delta Packaging International starts distributing Fluid-Bag products from the end of November 2007.

See also article in The Greater Lansing Business Monthly. (link to the article)




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